G Series denotes glazed porcelain tiles that epitomise an inspired living of creative choice of colors, trends and designs. In providing glaze on the surfaces of porcelain tiles, it aspire endless lifestyle possibilities which go beyond anyone imagination and expectation.

Pebbletico Arte Collection

As earliest as the known man-made artifacts, dating back to the Paleolithic period of human history, this group of clastic sediments has been appreciated then and fast forwarded to our current century where its intrinsic detailing and values are highly regarded as well as well-sort after by today’s civilization.

Livorno Collection

LEO Ceramiko proudly brings you our latest Livorno Collection with a touch of Tuscan style to your setting. Décor with chiaroscuro effects enhanced the dynamism and characteristic of your interior, leading to an ideal combination with modernity at its forefront.

Ifrapezino Collection

Inspired by the multifaceted colors of Stockholm, this rare collection foretell the many hidden gem this old town has to offer. Ifrapezino Collection offers 4 exemplary colors with artistic rune and unique touch that only infusing this creation to be covetous.

Pulpis Collection

Originated from the sedimentary rock in Spain, this stoneware need no introduction as it is one of the most widely recognized and endeared coverings each interior must have. Our Pulpis Collection come with 3 colors, 2 finishes and 3 sizes is perfecting such innate splendor without compromising our mother nature.

Calc De White Collection / Calc De Gres Collection

With the advent of technology, stoneware is fired at extremely high temperature until it inherited the property of a glass, a process called vitrification. Coupled with the 3D inkjet technology, each piece that is being created has surpassed the quality and aesthetic magnificence of a natural stone, thus crafting a better tomorrow with everlasting serenity to your ambience pleasantry.

Calc De White Collection

Calc De Gres Collection

Fusione 2.0 Collection

The idea behind fusione 2.0 collection is inspired by quartz stone, enhanced into perfection from its predecessors to create another level of beauty that will make any area look elegant, modern and expensive.

Comodo 2.0 Collection

As time goes by, people are more inclined to look for the most practical solution without sacrificing beauty in their everyday lives. Aknowledging this fact, LEO Ceramiko presents comodo 2.0 collection, specially designed for practical and convenient solution that one would never make a mistake in choosing.

Zenith 2.0 Collection

At the zenith or pinnacle of our modern era in confronting space. LEO Ceramiko espouses the creation of combining two collections into one. By having Nova and Eclisse forged together, a new innovative zenith 2.0 collection is born, with it inheriting the exceptional advantages and spectacular designs that both have, thrusting it to become the centre of attraction.

Nova 2.0 Collection

Nova 2.0 collection is the novelty to resuscitate the inspiring sight and aesthetic senses of sudden increase of large astronomical objects and its slow restoration prosess to its plain form on porcelain tiles. This phenomenal experience is attained if we have this collection of tiles laid before us as picture speaks a thousand words.