matt surface

Matt surface texture is produced with a uniform specification, without having a reflective surface. A smooth finish with a slight sheen is produced for use in many areas of application. Be it internal or external, wall or floor, it never stops but imbues us with many possibilities of usage by having such subtle touch.

polished surface

Polished surface texture is a reflection of polished crystals that bring out the brilliant colors and grains of natural tiles. Polished finish is popular as it enhances the colour and markings of the material. A tile with a polished finish is very smooth and reflective. Polished surface come with Nano Technology.

rough surface

Rough surface texture is achieved by ripping along its line of cleavage to reveal the natural grain and texture, which gives an undulating surface with great character. The surface comes with natural clefts giving it a very natural look.

satin surface

Satin surface is an enhancement of our matt surface where added touch was given to augment its texture to a silky feeling. Such perfection allows for easy maintenance while its durability and embodiment is downed to its core.

gloss surface

Gloss surface texture which is thinly formed on the surface of tiles has certain gradient of smooth and reflective nature to light. This stunning form of protective layer served to repel all forms of soil and dirt, thus allowing it for easy maintenance in any condition of our homes.

wood surface

Wood surface mimics the complexity of natural wood texture on the surface of tiles using the highly sophisticated 3D printing technology as a more losng-lasting alternative to the dispensable and expensive natural timber. Natural wood texture elicits the ambience of natural exclusivity that brings us closer to nature.

lappato surface

Lappato surface is the unique combination between matt and polished surface, of which sheen only highlighted in certain areas depending on the sources of light. Tiles with lappato surface brings out the exclusive and luxurious look on the rooms they are furnished with.