The Team


Without a doubt, we are now at out infant stage of brand building and creating awareness. However, we are poised to set the stage and grow incredibly as we have a strong team of capable personnel and right product mix to do so. In tiles businesses, it is not just about tile finishes alone but its intricate system as a whole. This comprises from preparing its substrate all the way to tiles installation (not to mention the right tile application) and grouting. Equally importantly too is the know-how to care for tiles after installation.

Mr. Leong J.L has more than 20 years of experience in tiles due to mainly his tenure in MML and NIRO. Some good years was spend in a waterproofing company by Henkel GmbH, enlisting him to further understand what lies beneath these tiles, i.e. the components that make up its whole. With that knowledge at hand coupled with his sound product and technical knowledge, he is able to perfecting the choice of every customer requirements. His last assignment prior to his current is to handle NIRO’s key customers like SP Setia, Mah Sing, BRDB, Malton etc.